Pret A Manger

What started as a brief for a few simple posters to highlight new vegetarian recipes turned into a complete change to brand’s strategy and positioning.

This is how I helped Pret go veggie.

In 2016, Pret A Manger dominated London’s lunch sandwich market, including a few veggie options.

However, a few brands were gaining ground offering healthier, greener alternatives. But they were snobbier, more expensive, and their food tasted like cardboard.

So we decided to open a Veggie Pop Up, turning one of Pret’s flagship stores into a 100% veggie.

The Veggie pop up was a massive success. Who knew salads could actually taste good?! Pret did.

What started as an experimental 1-month Pop Up eventually became a permanent sub-brand and there are now 14 Veggie Prets across the UK.

(Oh, and in the end, we did make some lovely posters too…)

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